Top Tips for selling your Boat

The time has come that you need to sell your boat. But where to start? It isn’t always an easy task but here we’ve put together a selection of Terrace Boating top tips for selling your boat.


Like anything, if a boat is priced reasonably for its size and condition it will sell easily and relatively quickly. Do some research and compare prices for boats which are similar model and age to yours.

If you can be realistic with your pricing you will have more luck finding the right buyer.


Remember how excited you were when you first purchased your boat? That’s how you want any potential buyers to feel. So give it a good clean, declutter any of your old belongings and get your boat sparkling.

Get the word out

Now that your boat is perfectly presented, and you’ve settled on a price you need to get the word out there. You can look at advertising and using social media, we also recommend putting a sign on your boat as you just never know who may be driving or walking past your boat.

Photos are really important for a sale, make sure you get a great selection of pic – including details that a buyer would be interested in.

We can help

If you’d like to take the hassle out of selling your boat, or you need the cash from the sale of your boat fast give us a call at Terrace Boating.

We are always on the lookout for good quality used boats – all makes, models and sizes.

You can click here to find out more info.

Simply complete the form below and one of our valuers will be in contact to book a free valuation.

And all the best with the sale of your boat!

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