Easy ways to take care of your boat

A boat is an investment in family, fun, fishing and making memories that last a lifetime.

The cost of this investment, however, is not insignificant. Therefore, as a boat owner, it’s important to take care of your boat to ensure it has a long (and happy) life.

We’ve put together a list of things that you can do to take care of your boat and keep it in optimal condition. This will not only extend its life, but minimise repairs too. Regular maintenance may involve some manual labour, but it’ll save you in the long run.

Wash your boat

Possibly the easiest and most important task is washing your boat regularly. If you’ve been boating in salt waters, your boat will need to be rinsed down with fresh water after every excursion, ensure salt residue is removed. Salt will corrode metal, fasteners and hardware and can also damage the gel coating.

To properly wash your boat, use a long handle, soft bristle boat brush and some quality marine boat wash soap. In a squeeze, you can also use carwash or laundry soap.

For fibreglass boats, use a good quality wax after the wash to polish. This will protect your boat from the sun and salt water and help to maintain its paint and colour.

Fix Problems as they arise

If you notice something isn’t right, give us a call or visit the team at Terrace Boating as soon as possible, rather than allowing the problem to get bigger. Most issues are easily fixed when they first appear, but once they become larger, it’s often harder and more costly. For example, if you own a fibreglass boat, small cracks may appear due to rough waters or long periods of beaching, and these are easily fixed in their early stages. Once they become too big, it becomes an extremely expensive repair job.

Propeller checks

Outboards and stern drive boats require the propellers to be checked as part of the pre-launch routine.

During boating season, ensure you remove the propeller several times and check that discarded fishing line isn’t wrapped around the propeller shaft. If it is, this may cause a gear case leak. If this occurs you’ll will need to contact the team at Terrace Boating as this is not a DIY task.

To inspect while the propeller is off, look for dents, nicks or any other sign of damage. Even the smallest dent in a propeller can decrease performance and use excessive fuel. Broken propellers are also inclined to vibrate, which can put too much stress on bearings and seals, accelerating the damage.

Change the oil

A boat is just like a car when it comes to oil, it needs to be regularly checked and changed. The exact frequency depends on your boat model but a general rule of thumb is to change the oil after every 100 hours of operation, which usually equates to around once per year.

At Terrace Boating, we have an experienced maintenance and service department dedicated to ensuring your boat stays in top shape. Boat repairs and service, details, upholstery repairs, accessory fittings etc. are our speciality. If you’re worried your boat hasn’t been properly maintained, it’s never too late to start, give us a call on 4983 5600 to make an appointment.

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