Yamarin 88 Daycruiser boat

Yamarin and Yamarin Cross have arrived at Terrace Boating!

Terrace Boating is welcoming the arrival of a groundbreaking new boating brand to the Australian shores – Yamarin and Yamarin Cross. We are thrilled to announce the launch of these innovative vessels, marking a new chapter in the world of marine leisure.

The Unveiling of Yamarin and Yamarin Cross

With a rich history rooted in Northern European craftsmanship and innovation, Yamarin boats have long been synonymous with quality, reliability, and exceptional performance. Originating from Finland, Yamarin has perfected the art of designing vessels that marry cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

The brand celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. Since 1972, Yamarin is known for their high quality award winning boats. The production of their boats is guided by the will and dedication to provide joyful and carefree moments on the water, without compromising safety or superior driving characteristics.

Yamarin and Yamarin Cross boats are designed around different lifestyle needs and choices. Whether you are looking for a practical boat for day trips, comfortable family overnighters, epic fishing trips with mates, or to enjoy the sheer thrill of speed and water sports with friends. We’ve got you covered.

With a strong association to Yamaha, each and every vessel is a carefully crafted experience, with no missing details in functionality, practicality or style. Each boat has supreme handling characteristics and travel comfort, alongside an extensive set of accessories and a timeless, stylish Nordic design. 


Uncompromising attitude towards the quality of work, close cooperation with Yamaha and understanding our customers’ needs. These are the starting points for the success story of Yamarin boats. During the past 40 years they have become one of the most distinguished boat brands in the Nordic countries. Having been built since 1972, there are more than 70,000 Yamarin boats cruising around the world.

Yamarin 88 Daycruiser boat
Pictured: 63 Daycruiser

Yamarin Cross

Yamarin Cross has found its way into the hearts of boaters. These boats combine the durability of aluminium boats with the comfort and sleek style of fibreglass. The boats are stylish, easy to take care of and made for serious fun, and can be trusted to help you make the most of your summer maritime activities. Yamarin Cross is a reliable choice with a heart that is pulsating performance. It provides enjoyable manoeuvrability for the skipper and ensures that the whole party travels in comfort and safety on the water. Therefore, it is no wonder that they have been comparison test winners in Nordic boating magazines.

Pictured: 57 BR

Join Us for Our Launch Day!

Mark your calendars for Saturday 11th May, as Terrace Boating invites you to be part of history in the making. Our launch day festivities will kick off at 9.30am and continue until 1.30pm, promising a day filled with excitement for the whole family.

Event Highlights:
  • Information Sessions: Gain insights into the world of Yamarin and Yamarin Cross with informative sessions scheduled at 10.30am and 12.30pm. Discover what sets these vessels apart and learn about the latest advancements in boating technology.
  • Lucky Door Prize: Feeling lucky? Don’t miss your chance to win our exclusive lucky door prize, featuring fantastic boating accessories and merchandise.
  • Kids Activities: Keep the little ones entertained with a jumping castle, ensuring they have a blast while you explore the latest in boating innovation.
  • BBQ: Fuel up and recharge as you mingle with fellow boating enthusiasts and share your passion for life on the water. Our BBQ will be running from 9.30am – 1.30pm.
Pictured: Yamarin 63 Daycruiser

Don’t Miss Out!

From their sleek designs to unparalleled performance, these vessels are set to redefine your on-water experience. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to see them up close! Head in to get your exclusive preview, or contact our team to RSVP for the launch day!

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