Why fishing makes a fantastic hobby

 Living in Australia, we are so lucky to enjoy this beautiful country. With so picturesque rivers, lakes and coastlines, it’s little wonder that fishing is one of our favourite Aussie pastimes.

While normally a quiet, tranquil activity, fishing still seems to get a lot of people very excited.

We love fishing at Terrace Boating, and we’ve come up with a list of the reasons why we find it so awesome!

Fresh air

Unlike indoor hobbies like TV, video games, arts of crafts, fishing gets you outside in the fresh air.

Fresh air has an array of physical health benefits including; increased energy, better digestion, improved lung capacity and bolstered immunity. Also, oxygen itself affects serotonin levels released by the body. Serotonin production contributes to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Thrill and relaxation all in one package

You may think that thrill and relaxation don’t go together, however, people who love fishing would disagree.

Simply being out on the water, in the fresh air, is relaxing. Casting out the line and setting yourself up for the day is soothing, and sets the mood for the ultimate unwind. Put your feet up while you wait, and just watch your worries wash away (for the moment anyway). At the same time, the second you feel a fish tugging the line, adrenaline kicks in and the excitement of reeling in your catch begins.

There’s nothing quite like it!

The sport of it

If you’re keen on fishing, you’ll take great care when you go out to set yourself up for the best chance of success.

You’ll know the weather and water conditions and which are optimal for catching the fish you’re after. This strategic planning and use of skills and knowledge that has been built up over years of experience is rewarding.

A hobby for all ages

While sports like football and tennis make fantastic hobbies in our younger years, they can’t always be maintained as we grow older.

Fishing is something you can still manage (on some level) right into the twilight years. It’s a low-impact activity with little stress placed on your joints, even if you fish standing in the water. For this reason, fishing makes a great inter-generational pastime. Many people learn how to fish from their parents or grandparents, making it wonderful for family time.

Delicious Dinner

Depending on how successful your outing was, fishing is one hobby that can potentially put dinner on the table! A fresh, delicious and healthy dinner at that. Enjoying a sensational seafood dish after a day of fishing is certainly a reward and a real treat.

If you love fishing in Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Newcastle – or anywhere across Australia – and you need more equipment visit Terrace Boating. We have everything you need!

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