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Dometic SeaStar Front Mount Steering Kit – Semi Rigid Hose Single Engine


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Supplied in kit form with all the components required to complete your installation.

Kits Includes
• Dometic SeaStar™ helm pump standard 291502
• Dometic SeaStar™ front mount cylinder (HC5345-3) to suit engine – refer below
• 15m 292997 semi-rigid nylon hose kit
• 4 x 293610 nut and olive kit
• 2 x 291902 946ml SeaStar Solutions® oil

Force 1985 TO DATE 90-150HP HC5345-3
Honda 1996 TO DATE 75-90HP HC5345-3
1998 TO DATE 30-50HP HC5345-3 See Note 1
2003 TO DATE BF135HP HC5345-3
2010 TO DATE 115HP HC5345-3
Johnson / Evinrude
1988 TO 1997 250-300HP V8 HC5342-3
1991 TO DATE 40-300HP HC5345-3 Inc. ETech
1996 TO DATE 75-250HP FICHT HC5345-3
2002 TO DATE 200-225HP 4-STROKE HC5345-3
2007 TO DATE 3.3L/3.4L 200-250HP HC5345-3 Inc. H.O. Models
Mercury 1984 TO 1994 2.4/2.5HP EFI HC5345-3 See Note 2
1989 TO DATE 75-300HP HC5345-3
1998 TO DATE 30-60HP HC5345-3 See Note 1
2004 TO DATE 150-200HP VERADO HC5345-3 See Note 4, 5
Nissan 1990 TO DATE 90-140HP HC5345-3
Suzuki 1986 TO DATE 100HP HC5345-3
1986 TO 2002 115-140HP HC5345-3 NOT 1996
1986 TO DATE 150-300HP 2 & 4 STROKE HC5345-3
Yamaha 1990-2003 40-90 HP 2-STROKE HC5345-3 See Note 1
1986-DATE 100-300 HP 2-STROKE HC5345-3
1997-DATE 80-250 HP 4-Stroke HC5345-3
2000-DATE 150-300 HPDI HC5345-3
2007-DATE 200-300 HP 4.2L V6 4-Stroke HC5345-3
2007-DATE F300-F350 HP 5.3V8 HC5345-3 See Note 4
2014-DATE F115B HC5345-3


1. Requires spacer kit HO5090 (293690).

2. May require extensive cowling modifications.

3. MUST use High Strength Tiller bolt, part # HA5822. Refer to the Notice on this page identifying the high strength bolt.

4. Optional cylinder part # HC5358. Slight interference may occur when using the HC5358, with the engine in the full tilt position.

5. Cylinder part # HC5358 may also be used in these single engine applications, please see note #4 for interference concerns


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