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Hard Korr XDW Series 20W Hyper Flood Light


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Hardkorr’s new XDW Series work lights are characterised by clean, bezel-free lines and a sleek, blacked-out appearance. Their most distinctive feature, however, is the reflectors. Utilising the latest engineering methods and manufacturing techniques, these reflectors are precisely calibrated and manufactured to nanometre precision to create incredible beam patterns that simply weren’t possible in the past. We call this our Hyperflood™ technology.

Showcasing this new reflector technology combined with latest-generation 5W OSRAM LED chips, these XDW Series square work lights shine an incredible 120 degree beam up to 83m from the light source. They are often mounted on roof racks, rear bars or canopies to provide auxiliary lighting for off-road driving, reversing or working around the vehicle.

Having downward-facing LED chips means there is less direct glare from the lights. This is handy for when the lights are mounted in places where they may otherwise interfere with the vision of other drivers.


    • IP67 water ingress protection
    • 1 lux @ 83m
    • 1439 effective lumens


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