F70 HP Yamaha Outboard


Extras Included;

    • MultiFunction Tiller Handle + Fitting Kit (Tiller Steer)
    • 703 Control Box + Control Cables and Command link 6Y8 twin Round Gauge Kit (Forward Control)
    • Yamaha GP series Alloy SDS Propeller
    • Custom Fitting to your boat included in price – talk with our Yamaha specialist about the installation features & options.

The launch of Yamaha’s F70 changed customers’ expectations of outboards in this category forever.

Beating in the heart of the F70 is a unique four-cylinder, 16-valve design activated by a single overhead camshaft. The 4-valves per cylinder valvetrain has dramatically increased this outboard’s volumetric efficiency, effectively transferring more air and exhaust at a more efficient rate. This makes the F70 more fuel-efficient, promotes a stronger torque band and makes the F70 lighter than all four-stroke and direct injected two-stroke competitors.

The F70’s awesome performance offers huge versatility and makes it the perfect power option for a huge range of mid-sized fishing boats and pleasure craft.

The 70 horsepower is now available in both traditional Yamaha grey and new pearlescent white colour options, in a long shaft only.

Features Include;

  • 996cc 16-Valve SOHC Marine Engine
  • Variable Trolling Control
  • Power Trim & Tilt
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Fresh Water Flushing System
  • High-Output Alternator
  • Labyrinth Exhaust System
  • Great Acceleration
  • Precise Throttle Control
  • Large Diameter Alloy Propeller

Optional Extras;

  • Dash repairs or modifications
  • Transom repairs or modifications
  • Transom board or grommets
  • Steering system or steering wheel
  • Battery or battery switch
  • Battery cables if custom length required
  • Fuel filter or lines if custom length required
  • Fuel tank
  • Outboard tilt limiter


ENGINE: F70HP 4 Stroke Outboard



TRIM & TILT METHOD: Power Trim & Tilt

STARTER SYSTEM: Electric Start

REC. RPM: 5300 – 6300

OPERATION METHOD: Tiller Steer / Forward Control

WEIGHT: L: 119 | X: 121


F70 Long Shaft Tiller Steer, F70 Long Shaft Forward Control, F70 Extra Long Shaft Forward Control, F70 Long Shaft Forward Control (White)


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