Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The best benefits

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding or SUPing is a great activity out on the water which can involve just about the whole family – there are even pet-friendly SUPs – and provides a unique physical activity for your entire body.

It is fantastic fun to do with your friends and family, but it is very beneficial for your own personal health too!

Here are our best benefits of stand-up paddle boarding and if you are interested in trying one for yourself we are super excited to stock a fantastic range right here at Terrace Boating & Leisure Centre!

Gets you on the water and moving

We love being on the water – we’ve spoken about this many times, and stand up paddle boarding combines time in and around water and also allows you time to exercise and use your muscles in a fun way.  

Brings balance

You need a lot of balance – and a bit of practice – to perfect stand up paddle boarding, particularly in an ocean environment. And that is fantastic for focus and for core and leg strength!

Calm the stress

Stand-up paddle boarding is believed to be a great stress reliever. The gentle motion, the time outdoors and the extra breath required all help to clear the mind and calm the stresses of work and daily life.

Strengthens muscles

If you want to SUP (stand up paddle board) well you are going to need to use pretty much every muscle in your body! Working your back muscles, core, arms, legs, shoulders, and core / stomach means you can have fun and enjoy a whole body workout. But, it’s low impact. Perfect! And, it’s great for your heart health too!

So go on, get out and give stand-up paddle boarding a go! And if you need a kit to get you started we have complete SUP packs for a whole range of ages, sizes and price points here at Terrace Boating, 2382 Pacific Highway, Heatherbrae, NSW, 2324.

See you on the water!

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