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Stern Pad Std White 4.5″ x 3.5″ x .75″ VHB Adhesive


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Stern Pad is a mounting block for transducers, LED lights, pumps, antennas, and other devices that can be attached to a boat. CNC machined from a specially treated synthetic plastic polymer. Save your transom and maintain your boats value by using a Stern Pad instead of drilling holes. Mount with 3MTM VBHTM adhesive tape to adhere to the hull without the use of screws. The adhesive has been rigorously tested and has passed a 10 years submersion test in saltwater. Maximum strength is 200kg for the standard stern pad, the jumbo size has twice the bonding area and is therefore twice as strong. Can be painted if desired. Includes site preparation materials, and 3 adhesive cable clips. Made in USA.


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