Relaxn Outboard Tilt/Trim Lock High HP


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The Relaxn Outboard Tilt/Trim Lock has been made with Polyurethane, Shore Hardness 70A to ensure a long life and superior support for your outboard. The Relaxn Tilt/Trim Lock is UV resistant and have been tested to ensure longevity.

The Relaxn Outboard Tilt/Trim Lock is designed to fit a single ram tilt/trim motor of your outboard when towing on the road. It prevents the motor from returning to the down position where you could easily damage the skeg if it contacts the ground.

  •  Compatible with all leading brands.
  • Helps protect your outboard when your boat is on the trailer.
  • Simple and quick to install and remove.
  • Slips over the ram of tilt/trim motor.
  • Can be cut down to suit your application with handy cut lines to aid this.
  • Please remove before you launch the boat.


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