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Gerber Defender Tether – Compact


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Keep valuable tools close at hand. The Defender Compact Tether offers a carabiner designed to fit on-finger for intuitive control and tension relief, it is secured by a positive engagement lock. Easily carry w/ the removable pin, wide-body flexible clip, or lanyard hole.


  • Body: anodised aluminium, flat sage
  • Carabiner: anodised aluminium, orange
  • Secures tether w/ lanyard hole, retention clip, + threaded pin
  • Tip control carabiner to release tension + secure gear
  • Slip lock holds carabiner
  • 91.4cm dyneema cable
  • Wide mouth entry
  • Split ring
  • 25 year limited warranty
  1. D-rings included
  2. Tip control carabiner (anodised aluminium)
  3. Slip lock (inside)
  4. Corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium cover
  5. Lanyard hole
  6. Wide body retention clip
  7. 36″ Dyneema cable


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