F40 HP Yamaha Outboard


Extras Included;

  • Multi-Function Tiller Handle + Fitting Kit (Tiller Steer)
  • 703 Control Box + Control Cables and Digital Tachometer Kit (Forward Control)
  • Yamaha Alloy Propeller
  • Custom Fitting to your boat included in price – talk with our Yamaha specialist about the installation features & options.

Powerful, efficient and reliable, the F40 combines the benefits of Yamaha’s Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system, with a Micro-Processor Controlled System to deliver reliable turnkey hot and cold starting, improved fuel economy, incredible mid-range torque, lower emissions, and an overall smoother and quieter operation.

The compact 747cc 3-cylinder, marine engine delivers the optimal balance of power, torque and refinement for exceptional versatility in both forward or tiller handle control applications. The forward control option can be matched with digital gauges, including Yamaha’s feature packed Command-Link system. While the optional Multi-Function Tiller Handle comes standard with trim, shift, and throttle controls, as well as ‘start-in-gear’ protection and warning horn alerts, all integrated into the ergonomic handle. Please note the engine in image may not represent the model shown and may include additional options and/or upgrades.

Features Include;

  • 747cc 3-Cylinder Engine
  • Power Trim & Tilt
  • ECM Micro-Computer Control
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Fresh Water Flushing System
  • Long Intake Manifold
  • Long Span Mounting System
  • Yamaha Alloy Propellor

Optional Extras;

  • Dash repairs or modifications
  • Transom repairs or modifications
  • Transom board or grommets
  • Steering system or steering wheel
  • Battery or battery switch
  • Battery cables if custom length required
  • Fuel filter or lines if custom length required
  • Fuel tank
  • Outboard tilt limiter


ENGINE: F40HP 4 Stroke Yamaha Outboard



TRIM & TILT METHOD: Power Trim & Tilt

STARTER SYSTEM: Electric Start

REC. RPM: 5500 – 6000

OPERATION METHOD: Tiller Handle / Forward Control Box

WEIGHT: Short Shaft: 94kgs Long Shaft: 98kgs


Short Shaft Forward Control, Long Shaft Tiller Handle, Long Shaft Forward Control


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