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Bling Glass Sauce – 118ml


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Today’s Boats, RVs, UTVs and Automobiles utilize electronic screens and displays to provide a world of information at your fingertips. But fingers are also loaded with oils, dirt and microbes. Glass Sauce was designed to spray directly on the sensitive electronic screens and your windshield to remove dirt, grease, oils, spots and germs while providing a clean, streak free appearance. Glass Sauce goes a step further with an added polymer technology that bonds to the surface, resisting scratches and continuously helps repel water and oil residues. A must have to ensure you can track the GPS in your boat or UTV, you don’t miss that huge fish on your fish finder and you can easily select your favorite songs in your car.


  • Cleans and protects glass longer

  • Polymer technology helps repel water and oil residue

  • Polymer bonds to surface to help resist scratching

  • Ideal for electronic screens and displays

  • Anti-Static

  • Safe for all surfaces


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