Personal Water Craft (PWC) FAQs

The Terrace Boating team help lots of people and heaps of families in making the decision about which is the right WaveRunner for them. While many of the questions relate to the features and options best suited to their needs, many questions are more general.

Here we have listed our most commonly asked personal water craft questions, along with answers for new owners / riders:

Are PWC’s hard to ride?

Like anything new, the more you ride it, the better you will become! It can take a little time to learn how to keep your craft straight. A great tip to assist with this is to look ahead rather than at the water in front of you or at the handlebars. This allows you to easily correct the steering and you get to take in all the beauty of your surroundings.

Are PWC’s safe?

Like all machines, there is a level of risk associated with riding a Personal Water Craft or WaveRunner. However, the design and technology of the current crafts, combined with the sensible decision making of the riders, reduce any potential risks quite significantly.

User manuals and online videos can also help to equip you with the information to best manage safety on the water.

Will I get wet while riding?

Honestly, yes! This is part of the fun. You don’t have to fall in to get wet, but depending on the conditions and your driving style, you are likely to get a bit wet from the off spray.

What should I wear while riding?

The most important item to wear is your life jacket. Swimmers, board shorts, hats, sunglasses, and of course sunscreen, are all good options. Wetsuits are another great option but are not essential. 

Do I need a licence to ride a PWC?

You must have a personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence to drive a PWC at any speed. A PWC is a vessel with a fully enclosed hull that may be driven standing up, lying down, sitting astride or kneeling, and includes jet-powered surfboards and jet skis.

People who hold a general boat driving licence can upgrade to a PWC driving licence at any time. To hold a PWC driving licence, you must have a general boat licence.

Restrictions for licence holders under 16 years

If you’re aged between 12 and 16 years, there are some restrictions on your boat driving licence or PWC driving licence.

Licence holders under 16 years of age must not drive a PWC or vessel:

  • at a speed greater than 20 knots (37 kilometres per hour), or
  • in any race, display, regatta, exhibition or similar operation, or
  • between sunset and sunrise, or
  • while the vessel is towing anyone.

Is it difficult to get on and off the trailer?

PWCs are designed to be easy to launch and dock. Our team can also help you with the right equipment for winching and strapping your PWC.

Remember, the Terrace Boating team have 40 plus years in business and a combined 300 plus years of experience in boats and boating accessories, so if you have any questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our team.

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