Our Top five picks for your next day on the water

We all know that Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and pristine coastlines. One of the best parts about the boating lifestyle in the Newcastle and Port Stephens area are the endless opportunities for adventure. So, next time you’re heading out for a day on the water, how do you choose where to go next? 

Grab the family and gear up the boat, because here are our top five picks for your next Terrace Boating adventure!

Port Stephens – Australia’s “Blue Water Paradise”

Located just a one hour drive north of Newcastle, NSW, Port Stephens is a coastal playground for boating enthusiasts. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, calm water beaches and an expansive bay, Port Stephens offers endless opportunities for exploration. 

Whether you’re seeking the perfect catch, looking for hidden coves, spotting whales and dolphins or admiring the sunset, Port Stephens has it all. 

Myall Lakes – A Serene Experience for the Nature Lover

Those who are after a more secluded and untouched boating adventure should be sure to check out Myall Lakes National Park. Located a 1.5 hour drive north of Newcastle, Myall Lakes is home to a network of interconnected lakes, waterways and estuaries that are ready to be explored by the nature-lover. As you navigate these tranquil waters, you can soak in the great outdoors, go fishing or admire the wildlife local to the area.

Fishing is a popular activity in the area, with popular catches including bream, whiting, Australian salmon, flathead and mullet. 

Newcastle Harbour – A Vibrant Waterfront 

Newcastle Harbour is brimming with a vibrant maritime atmosphere! This busy port offers an array of boating activities, complemented by the opportunity to explore the city’s exciting dining scene, rich history and vibrant waterfront culture. Cruise along the harbor, explore the local beaches and take in the views of the city’s scenic coastline. 

Spend the entire day exploring on the boat, or pull up and explore the city by foot! The options are endless. 

Lake Macquarie – A Boat-Lovers Haven

Just a 30 minute drive from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie is the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia. Loved by boating enthusiasts, this gem is a boaters’ dream with its calm waters and picturesque scenery. From sailing and water sports to leisurely cruises, Lake Macquarie provides endless possibilities to indulge in your passion for boating.

Visit the Warners Bay Esplanade for a quick fish and chips lunch, or head to Naru Beach to enjoy a day on the sand! There’s something for everyone in Lake Macquarie. 

Hawkesbury River – A Scenic Escape

A little further down, the Hawkesbury River sits approximately 180km south of Newcastle and is one experience you won’t want to miss! The Hawkesbury promises a boating experience surrounded by tranquil waters, secluded bays and endless opportunities for fishing and relaxation. The perfect setting for our Terrace Boating enthusiasts!

Jump off the boat and explore Refuge Bay, Cottage Point or Jerusalem Bay. You might want to go for a short walk, or even just stop by for a picnic!

Want to get out and about on the water? Terrace Boating have a range of new and used boats, jet skis, accessories and trailers to get you started! Already have what you need? Our team offers servicing, repairs and parts to help keep you afloat! Call us on (02) 4983 5600 for all your boating needs. 

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