When It Comes To Boating We're There Terrace Boating

When it comes to boating, we’re there!

For more than 40 years, when it comes to boating, Terrace Boating has been there for our customers. We have been part of helping families gear up for their first fishing trip and preparing others for wild weekend fun engaging in all kinds of water sports like skiing, wakeboarding and tubing.

Whether your family loves quiet fishing trips and afternoon relaxation in the sun, or you prefer the more thrilling adventures, Terrace Boating can help you get out on the water in no time. We are a family owned and operated business, and we understand that you can’t leisure time is priceless. Our priority is personal customer service, and we know that we can help you choose the right boat for your needs and budget. Not only that, we can help you sort your insurance out, and we offer the easiest finance on the planet!

Once you’re on the water enjoying the laughter and thrills, we’re also here for you when it comes to maintenance and servicing. Terrace Boating has an experienced team of factory certified technicians to help you take the best care of your boat. We want you to enjoy it for many years to come!

We believe that buying a boat is so much more than just purchasing a product. You’re actually investing in experiences and opportunities to spend quality time with your friends and family on the water. The benefits of owning a boat are endless, because you can’t really put a price tag on magical memories.

At Terrace Boating, we have more than 200 boats in stock, both new and used. We’re quite sure there will be something just right for you and your family in our collection. As we approach spring, and winter starts to fade to warmer weather, it’s natural to start thinking about spending more quality time in the great outdoors. At Terrace Boating, we make it our mission to help you make the right decisions, then boat stress-free in to the sunset.

Whatever your age, whatever your stage, when it comes to boating- we’re there! Come see us at Terrace Boating really soon or phone our friendly team on (02) 4983 5600. For the latest specials, check out our hot deals here.