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Wanting to sell or trade in? We buy boats!

Did you know that Terrace Boating buy back boats?

At Terrace Boating, we offer an extensive range of both new and used boats. We know that once you have a boat and get out on the water, you’re going to love it and boating will become a big part of your life. Whether you’ve outgrown your current boat, or you’re looking for an upgrade, you may be considering trading in. If so, you should come and see us at Terrace Boating.

Our friendly team are experienced in used boat sales and trade-ins, and we make it a priority to get you a fair price for your boat so you can leave with your next one as smoothly as possible. Unlike selling your boat privately, trading in removes the hassle of preparing your vessel for sale, because we do all that for you from the paperwork to the minor repairs.

If the circumstances are right, we will accept just about any motor trade. Recently, we even had a customer come in and trade a motorcycle for their new boat. A couple of weeks later, a lucky gentleman came in and traded his boat for the bike. Circle of trade-ins!

At Terrace Boating, we also offer in-house insurance, servicing and the easiest finance on the planet. So, if you’re ready to start your boating journey, or you’re wanting to take it to the next level, we’re here for you.

We are always looking for good quality, used boats of all makes, models and sizes. We would love to hear from you if trading in is something you’re seriously contemplating. You can complete a quick valuation form online or contact Peter by phone on 0419 874 555. We also offer a FREE mobile valuer/buyer service that can come to you, though conditions apply.