Top Fishing Spots NSW

3 Top Fishing Spots

The waters of Nelson Bay and Lake Macquarie offer some of the best fishing opportunities in New South Wales. With a vast array of varied marine environments the area is home to more than 300 different species, the waters attract thousands of keen anglers each year. With so many options available we have picked 3 of our favourite spots.

  • Blacksmiths

Between the lake, the channel and the beach at Blacksmiths there is something to offer every angler. The local boat ramp is a safe mini-harbour which provides excellent access to either offshore or lake fishing. With the beach extending for several kilometres, there are some great fishing gutters for any beach anglers. There are also several bait and tackle shops within a few minutes’ drive to stock up before you head out.

  • Broughton Island

Long considered prime snapper territory, Broughton Island is only 14km from the waters of Port Stephens. With magnificent scenery, the island is attracting an increasing number of anglers keen to take advantage of the sensational fishing opportunities. The island is famous for the snapper that can be caught all year around. The prevailing wind and sea conditions dictate which face of the island to target, however some of the most popular reefs for snapper close to the island include:

  1. Cod Rock,
  2. Sisters and
  3. The drift between North Island and the main island.

Some parts around the Island are in a sanctuary zone – so be sure to consult local maps before you head out.

  • Pulbah Island – Western Side

Much of the southern part of Lake Macquarie is around 4-9 metres deep. The water between Pt. Wolstoncroft and Pulbah Island provides anglers with access to deeper water of up to 15 metres. It is popular to anchor off the Western side of Pulbah Island with Point Wostoncroft to the southwest. With the extra water depth it is not too uncommon to get good size snapper, jewfish or tailor.

*Please note fishing licenses are required.

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