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Six Services A Great Boat Dealership Should Offer You

There are so many reasons to dive (pun intended) headlong into the exciting world of boating. While many of you are more comfortable on dry land, life at sea really is a whole new area to explore – and most of us in Australia are only a stone’s throw from the nearest body of water.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and look seriously into the world of boating, you’ll need to find yourself a reputable boat dealer quick-smart.

But what sort of services do only the very best boat dealers provide? Let’s take a deeper look so that, when it comes to great boat dealership services, you always stay afloat.

1. Simplicity

To the newcomer, the world of boating looks complex and confusing, so you need a dealership that puts everything under one roof. Picking the right boat for your adventures should be fun, not stressful, so the most helpful dealerships tend to be family-owned, with a focus on customer service, experience, quality and satisfaction.

2. Range

A huge range under one roof really makes things easier, saving you time that you’ll otherwise burn doing research and shopping around. A great dealership will have everything you could possibly want – like literally hundreds of new and used boats that fit your lifestyle, requirements and, most importantly, your budget. Luxury cruiser to ski, power and bream boats – everything you can think of and even things you can’t should be catered for.

3. Servicing

Once you’ve got that perfect boat, you’ll need to keep it in great running order. Boats need regular maintenance, repairs and servicing, and a great boat dealership will be able to offer you those services as well as spare parts and accessories. Whether it’s your motor, trailer or upholstery that needs sprucing up or kitted out, an in-house servicing workshop with experienced technicians will make things easier to get back on the water asap.

4. Accessories

A boat isn’t just a boat – it’s a sophisticated machine made up of many parts. A great boating dealership will fix you up with all of those replacement parts, but there’s also a whole another world of accessories that – once you’ve caught the boating bug – you just won’t be able to live without. We’re talking navigation gear, radios, seats, pumps, lights – and the list goes on and on.

5. Financing

A great boat dealership not only wants to sell you a boat and help you keep it up and running – it will go the extra mile and assist you with financing. Many dealers have arrangements with specific boating finance companies that could help you out with a pre-approved loan.

6. Insurance

You will also want your boating dealership to help you plan for that rainy day – because a boat is a big investment and you need peace of mind. Again, there are boating-specific companies that offer insurance through selected reputable dealerships, because boating is a highly specialised world and more general insurance products will not offer the kind of boating-related benefits you want and need.

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