Yamaha Waverunners Vx Deluxe 2018 White 3up Ocean Family

Reasons to own a WaveRunner! – Time to get speedy on the water!

If you’ve ever thought about owning a WaveRunner, now is the time to get one as Terrace Boating is having a massive 40th birthday sale. If you haven’t thought about it before, we’ve gathered a few reasons to convince you that you need one!

* WaveRunners are small, agile, powerful and fast. We guarantee your new WaveRunner will be a source of speed and excitement this summer as you cruise the waters with the wind in your hair. They are easy to manoeuvre and small enough for convenient transport and storage.

* They are more affordable than boats. Don’t let budget constraints keep you off the water this summer. If you’re keen to be out on the lake but can’t afford a boat, consider a personal watercraft, and we recommend a WaveRunner.

* Reliability… you can always count on a Yamaha WaveRunner. Yamaha pride themselves on offering WaveRunners to the market that are reliable, fuel efficient and low maintenance. This is evidenced by the fact that Yamaha are consistently one of the first choices for PWC rentals worldwide.

* WaveRunners are engineered to last. The marine engines of Yamaha products are designed and constructed to endure the demands of frequent use in challenging marine environments. Yamaha are also well known for their quality control standards.

* Winner of many world championships, Yamaha’s hulls and decks are precision crafted and designed. WaveRunners are often used in competitions and can perform to professional standards, but are also designed for recreational family time on the water. Just this year the Yamaha WaveRunner took out the 2017 AJSP Australian Watercross Championships held at Redcliffe Beach, Queensland on April 29-30 2017.

There are different WaveRunner models on the market and Terrace Boating are happy to talk you through the options, and help you find the best one for you and your family. WaveRunners are summer fun personified. Don’t spend another summer dreaming about it, get speedy on the water this year! Come see us instore or call 4983 5600 for more details.