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Rigging Hose and Flange Kit


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Outboard rigging flange kit consisting of a 1.2m long rigging hose and a mounting flange, which has an internal thread to connect directly to the hose.

This kit provides protection for cables and wiring from dirt, abrasion, sun, salt and water.

The corrugated rigging hose is durable, flexible and kink resistant. The back side of the flange is textured to allow inverted mounting.


  • Hose length: 1.2m (4ft)
  • Hose outside diameter: 62mm
  • Hose internal diameter: 50mm (2″)
  • Flange outside diameter: 114mm
  • Flange Cutout: 72mm
  • Flange hole center to center: 80mm
  • Flange hole diameter: 6.5mm


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