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Six Services A Great Boat Dealership Should Offer You

There are so many reasons to dive (pun intended) headlong into the exciting world of…

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3 Top Fishing Spots

The waters of Nelson Bay and Lake Macquarie offer some of the best fishing opportunities…

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Guide To Choosing An Outboard Motor

Australians love their boating. Whether you're putting around a lake, putting in a fishing line,…

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Media Release – Terrace Boating Tops Quintrex Dealers

Terrace Boating, located in Heatherbrae, have been awarded Quintrex’s highest honour receiving the National Dealer…

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10 Tips To Follow When Buying a Boat For The First Time

Fantasising about weekend fishing with your mates or a family boating trip exploring the coast…

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Al’s top 10 Fishing tips

By Al McGlashan Images: Fishing almost on a daily basis these days, I often…

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Whittley Release This Weekend

Terrace Boating the New Home of Whittley in NSW 40 years of success and the…

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Try Boating Day October 17th

Lee Wharf Newcastle 10am to 2pm New to boating? Looking for a boat for summer?…

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Customer Testimonials

A few great words from some happy customers We live 3 hours from Terrace Boating…

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