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Focus on the Quintrex Frontier!

Building on the success of the Top Ender range, Quintrex devised another ground breaking development- the Frontier. The Frontier range has been “designed for serious fishos.” Constructed on Quintrex’s new APEX Hull, this collection features an increased flared bottom sheet for greater water contact, resulting in greater usability and a smoother ride.

The Quintrex Frontier comes in five different models:


This “little ripper” features a maximum 115hp rating, so whilst it’s the smallest in the range, it’s still an absolute weapon. The wide chines used on the Apex Hull help to achieve an increase in stability and grip when it comes to cornering, giving you the ability to zoom around lakes and estuaries.

The 510 is a fishing machine, and has a centre console model configuration which allows for obstruction free angling. Boasting a Live Bait Tank and four stainless steel rod holders as standard, fishing trips can literally be taken to the next level. For more information on the exact specs for the 510, click here.


Another zippy model, the Frontier 530 has been constructed with wide chines to improve stability when cornering. You can make the trip to your favourite fishing spot, wherever that may be, with ease. Frontier range bottom sheets are 4mm and side sheets 3mm, meaning these boats are built with endurance and longevity in mind.

The centre console accommodates 360 degrees of fishability. With that kind of access, the fish have nowhere to hide. Also including underfloor storage, raised side decks, scupper drainage and a Live Bait Tank, the 530 is perfect for the keenest of fishers. For a more detailed list of 530 specs, click here.


Just as all other Frontier models, the mid-range 550 has four stainless steel rod holders, and 80mm raised side decks included as standard features. The choice between side console and centre console is available, though centre configuration allows for 360 degree fishability. Built on the Apex Hull design, this is another zippy vessel with excellent manoeuvrability.


For stability and performance, you can’t go past the Quintrex Frontier 550. If you’d like to know more, find a detailed list of specs right here.


An incredibly spacious model, the Frontier 590 boasts centre console configuration, has extra fishing room and the new Raised Side Deck features an 80mm increased freeboard, allowing for concealed controls.

With more than sufficient storage space and an ample casting platform, the Frontier 590 is ready to take you on adventure after adventure. For full details and specifications, click here.


For those who love fishing AND water sports, the Frontier 630 is the dream boat. This model offers an optional ski pole/bait board combination to satisfy every passenger’s activity preference. For the fishing enthusiast, there’s also the option to include a bow mount thrust plate so you can fit an electric motor for easy trolling.

Complete with all features from the smaller Frontier models, the 630 really is the ultimate crown on a great range. For full details and specifications, click here.


If you’re looking to buy your first boat, or your next one, Terrace Boating stock a large range of new and used boats and we are sure to have something that will suit your needs and your budget. We love the Quintrex Frontier Range, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to stop by or call us on 02 4983 5600, and speak with a friendly member of our team.