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Why boats make the best Christmas presents ever

As Christmas looms, here’s a quandary that has almost certainly been on your mind: buying a gift for that impossible-to-buy-for person.

Coming from us at Terrace Boating, it might seem silly that we suggest the following: quickly wrap them up a boat and stick it under the Christmas tree.

But we’re not kidding. Boats really do make the best Christmas present ever.

Don’t believe us?

1. It’s good enough for the billionaires and world leaders

Last year, it emerged that Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich gave his buddy Vladimir Putin – yes, the controversial Russian present – a $35 million super-yacht. You don’t have to spend that much but buying a boat is the perfect surprise for your family and friends.

2. It extends your life

You won’t just be giving the recipient a pretty cool gift this Christmas, you’ll actually be extending their life! Studies have shown that every hour you spend tranquilly living it up on the water extends your life by 10 seconds. If that maths doesn’t sound quite right, just take our word for it – boats are awesome.

3. They said they wanted a boat

If you’re personally not convinced that owning a boat is Manna from heaven, we may not be able to convince you today. But if you’re seriously thinking about buying your buddy a boat, it’s likely they have let slip that life on dry land is just not as much fun as life among the waves. So why haven’t they bought that boat yet? Perhaps they can’t afford it – but you can! It could be the gift that changes their life forever, and who wouldn’t want that sort of satisfaction?

4. Get them off the Xbox

Weighing up between a boat and another gift that’s hot on the ‘what’s hot this Christmas’ list? Google Home, the latest pressure cooker and cozy slippers may be tempting, but none of them get you out of the house and onto the high seas. Only rarely does time spent with those you care about on a boat result in someone being actually thrown overboard – normally it’s just a place to chat, fish, relax and bond.

5. Give them a chance to get all boat-wordy

Perhaps you’re considering getting your buddy a boat because they won’t shutup about starboard, schooners, nautical miles, knots and displacement hulls. Computer lovers love talking about Megabytes, Iphone addicts know all the tricks about Siri, and yet your boat-loving buddy pines for an outlet for all his knowledge and boat-y words.

6. Get free boat trips

Ok, so we finally got there – the ultimate ulterior motive for buying the gift of a boat this Christmas. They know how to put a worm on a hook. They know the bilge from the beam. And they have a great spot in their carport for your dream boat. But if you buy THEM the boat, you’ll have a ticket to sail for life.

But even if the recipient of your dream Christmas gift doesn’t love boats yet, we’re pretty sure they will if you buy them one. Terrace Boating is the one stop shop for all your boat sale requirements, so get in touch today and we’ll even help Santa to wrap it up!