Whay Boating Is Good For The Soul

Why boating is good for the soul

Whether your vessel of choice is a glamourous yacht or a humble kayak, simply getting out on the water is good for the soul. For those who have been boating a long time, the reasons behind this are obvious. For those who are new to the world of boating, we have made a list of the six top reasons that boating is good for the soul:

  1. An escape from reality

Modern life is busy. It’s full of work and family commitments, appointments and deadlines. We have become a highly digital society and while phones and gadgets help us stay connected to our friends, families and colleagues, it can start to weigh you down. The stress of keeping up with everything on your calendar is probably enough to drive you crazy. Boating will give you a chance to break away from that chaos and enjoy some serenity… or fun, whichever you prefer. Escape the madness every now and again, even if just for a few hours and enjoy some peace on the water.

  1. Creates magical moments with family and friends

While you’re escaping reality, bring the family or your closest friends. When you’re out on the water and away from the ordinary, there’s no need for social media and mobile phones, there’s just togetherness. Spending that quality time in a peaceful setting, doing all the things you love, strengthens the bonds of family and friendships. If you encourage everyone to leave their devices behind, it’s even better. Boating helps you to live in the moment and appreciate the here and now.

  1. Physical health benefits

As long as you’re careful and sun safe, some good old vitamin D and fresh air is great for your body. Vitamin D is responsible for promoting calcium absorption and bone growth and density while fresh air is said to aid digestion, lower blood pressure, increase immunity, lung capacity and energy, and helps to fight depression. Boating will also get you out exercising, especially if you take up water skiing, wake boarding or canoeing, which will help you stay in shape.

  1. Educationally stimulating

Boating is an activity that requires learning new skills. From obtaining a boating license, to learning how to operate your vessel, how to use it for water sports, and how to clean and maintain it, there’s a fair bit going on. Mastering new skills is good for the mind and for self-confidence. As humans, we enjoy learning and growing, and boating provides these experiences in abundance.

  1. Hobbies are good for the soul

Boating becomes a way of life, a hobby. Many psychological studies have concluded that we need hobbies in order to emotionally thrive. Hobbies make you more interesting and well-rounded as an individual. They connect you to others that share your passion. Hobbies can help you reduce stress, insomnia and anxiety. Your self-esteem increases as you nurture your hobby and become more knowledgeable. Hobbies also help you to waste less time on things that aren’t so important, because you can channel your energy constructively. We may be biased, but we think boating is a great hobby.

  1. Appeals to your sense of adventure

Deep down, we all enjoy a good adventure. Whether you’re in to water sports or fishing, a voyage out on the water is exciting. It’s something to look forward to, especially on days that have been difficult. Boating will allow you to switch off from the real world, escape the madness and venture out in to the wild. While you’re out on your adventure, you can stop by and observe the wildlife, watch a beautiful sunset, and spend time creating priceless memories with those you love most. These are the escapades they’ll never forget.

So, there you have it. Boating is good for the soul, for family, for relationships and for life! If you haven’t discovered the world of boating just yet, but you’re ready to start creating magical memories on the water with family and friends now, stop by Terrace Boating and speak without friendly staff. They will help you find the right boat for your family.

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