5 qualities of a reputable boat shop

Deciding to buy a boat is an investment that paves the way towards an exciting and rewarding lifestyle, creating treasured memories and creating opportunities to connect more with family and friends. Let’s face it, you’re not actually buying a boat. You’re choosing to buy the experience that comes with it, and create magical moments in your life you will remember for years to come.

So it comes as no surprise that when you make the decision to purchase a boat, whether new or second-hand, that you naturally need to select a high-quality, reliable boat shop provider. When you choose to invest your hard-earned money into a boat purchase, your selected boat dealer can be the make or break factor when it comes to creating a magical boat experience of a lifetime.

Here are the top five qualities of a reputable boat shop so you know what to look for:

1. Marine Industry Certification

It’s more than just a pretty logo. When a boat dealer signs up for Marine Industry Certification, they are also taking an oath to abide by Marine Industry Consumer Commitment. Marine Industry Certified Boat Dealers also hold extensive experience in the boating industry and will have more information and advice to share with you to help you make the correct boat selection for your needs.

2. A Simple Google Search

There’s hardly a topic available today that Google doesn’t cover. Using Google to search the name of your preferred Boat Shop Provider tells you a lot about their services, previous customer experience, recommendations and available feedback for past clients. Don’t select a boat shop that has numerous negative feedback on their site – if all the other customers weren’t happy with the service, do you really think your result is going to differ? If a boat provider has multiple negative comments about extensive repair times, bad service or delays, then it’s quite simple… stay clear!

3. Home Grounds

Visit the boat shop at their location. How do they keep their premises? Immaculate and clean, in showroom condition? Or dirty, dusty, unkempt and in disarray? How the Boat Shop company maintains their workplace says a lot about how they treat their boats kept within. A picture is worth a thousand words here – get a visual to ensure your Boat Shop is a quality, reputable service provider.

4. Constant Contact

Is your boat shop provider prompt to return your calls? Are your emails responded to in a swift manner? Sure, we can understand sometimes a business becomes busy, but failing to return calls or emails for days can be a massive red flag that displays the business’s regard for their customers. A quality boat shop provider offers swift return calls and emails and maintains communication in a friendly and helpful manner.

5. Manufacturer Certifications

When considering a boat purchase, you want to ensure qualified, trained personnel have undertaken correct maintenance and repairs when necessary on the boat. Request to see certification from the service department for the most recent certification document they hold. If the service department does not have one, or it is over five years old, you might want to reconsider your choice of boat dealers. Quality boat shop service providers ensure correct certification is up to date at all times.

Reputable Reputations

Don’t risk your next boat purchase on an inexperienced, unlicensed or dishonest boat supplier. Look for industry certifications, client reviews and feedback, and assess customer service from the service provider. Ensuring you select a reputable boat provider on the first go saves you a lot of problems and stress in the long run.

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