3 Reasons To Buy A Quintrex

3 Reasons To Buy A Quintrex

Why Quintrex Boats are Tops! Grab a Quinnie – You’ll love it!

Looking for that one thing to make the Australian Summer just perfect? Improve your quality of life, reduce stress and get ready for some quality family bonding time, grab a Quinnie – you’ll love it!

Boating provides a fantastic outlet for the everyday stresses of life, as soon as you are on the water you can feel them being left behind. Whether it is the simple joys of fishing or seeing our beautiful country from a different perspective and enjoying the long summer evening with family and friends. Everything is better on a Quintrex.

Of course you will love the fishing or water-skiing but it is the quality time spent away from the Television with family and friends that you will truly cherish. Boating allows you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are 3 Reasons why you will love a Quintrex!

1 . Cuts like a knife

Quintrex hulls set the standard in aluminium boat design – for over 60 years Quintrex has pioneered the use of stretch forming technology to bring boaties the smoothest riding designs on the water. The famous Flared Bow design works with the millennium hull to produce the driest riding boat on the market.

The new Blade Hull is the most advanced Quintrex has produced is featured across the majority of the Quintrex range. The awarding winning design, exclusive to Quintrex boats provides maximum lift to get the boat on to the plane nice and fast. You can cut through the chop with ease with this advanced hull design.

2 . Quality

Innovation, attention to detail and quality of finish are what Quintrex aluminium boats are known for. Since 1945 Quintrex boats are Australia’s best selling boat brand. Due to the quality of their aluminium boats Quintrex inspire great loyalty and many customers refuse to go boating in anything else but a Quinnie!  Their state of the art manufacturing facility produces in excess of 10,000 Quintrex boats a year and exports to over 25 countries!

3.  Value for Money

Designed and built for Australian conditions you can trust Quintrex to be the best boat for your money. The standard features of a quinnie include stereos, fish finders, two way radios, lighting, canopies, you just don’t get all that from other manufactures. Quinnie’s provide extra stability, storage and versatility giving you the best value for you money!


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