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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Boat

Living in coastal NSW, especially around the Port Stephens and Raymond Terrace area, it’s easy to take our magnificent coastline for granted. Yet, visitors from around the globe who find us are regularly stunned by the glorious shoreline and harbour area. This brings us to the first of what could be many more than just ten reasons for why you should buy a boat…

1. Makes the most of what’s available to us

In truth, Australia is really a coastal nation since it’s the area where the majority of us live, work and play. Buying a boat gives us the chance to explore and enjoy the wide variety of wonders that linger just off our shores.

2. Inspires the next generation

We’re often told this is an X-Box generation, filled with kids who would rather be indoors and online than outside actually doing things. Take a kid on a boat and this is shown to be utterly untrue, and usually before you have even left the harbour or jetty.

3. Adds to the quality of everyone’s life

For all generations, it’s a great way to leave the stresses and strains of everyday life on land. On the water, people find out things they never knew about themselves, discover abilities they didn’t think they possessed, and develop skills that can cross over into other areas of life.

4. Bonds young people together

Across the world, there are charities which introduce people from so many different walks of life to the pleasures and excitement of being on the water. Whether being part of an international Tall Ships crew or just learning how to sail single-handed anywhere between Sydney and Port Stephens, lifelong friendships are made and working together becomes standard behaviour.

5. Boating both engages and rewards

Just imagine the look on a youngster’s face as they secure the boat to the dock, release it as you begin your journey, or take control of steering for the first time in their lives. As for rewards, just taste the catch you caught on a day spent gently (or vigorously) fishing!

6. A truly enjoyable way to keep fit

While it’s certainly true that being part of a boat’s crew is an invigorating way to gain some exercise – almost without realising how many muscles can be strengthened – many people still subscribe to simply being on the water, a light breeze in their face, convinced that it makes them feel so much more ready to face any challenges of life when they get back to shore.

7. It’s easier to learn than you think

Some people can be put off, believing that learning the skills needed on the water is beyond them. Yet, as so many youngsters pick up the basic boating techniques so eagerly and easily, developing such skills can be an achievable challenge at any time of life.

8. It’s just so convenient

With so many people living on or by the coast, it takes so little time to be out there, enjoying whichever on-water activity you and your friends or family most enjoy.

9. It costs less than you think!

While we’ve all seen those multi-million-dollar luxury yachts, a boat for your family can offer such great value. With so many different size choices – and both new and pre-owned models to choose from – owning a boat that provides constant opportunities to take days, weekends, even whole holidays on the water can be an enduringly great investment!

And, finally, reason ten…

…it’s just so much damn fun! So, what are you waiting for?

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